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Essential Feng Shui: The Personalized Formula

Empower Yourself! Get to know your inner qualities. Are you living in your ‘dream’ home? Choose the home that will harness the benefits of feng shui for you and your family.

Using the ancient Chinese wisdom of Feng Shui, students will learn that their inner energies characterize by the animals of the Chinese horoscope affects how they perceive and act with their immediate surroundings. Feng shui knowledge also helps you to understand how these qualities interact and relate to each other.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the basics of the East/West Group Theory and how to incorporate it into your living space. (E.g. furniture placement and room allocation)
  • Identify your animal sign, your Kua Number, and personal directions.
  • Understanding the reasons why these are important in choosing the right property or home for you, your family members, friends and clients.
  • If available, bring a floor plan of your home.
Location: To be announced
Date: TBA
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