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Evaluating the Feng Shui of Properties

Changing Marketplace

As our marketplace changes, buyers and sellers of real estate have a vested interest in obtaining skills and knowledge necessary to better serve or understand the diversity of our marketplace. Today, in cities like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia and countries where there is a large Chinese population, the practice of feng shui is apart of everyday living. Business communities as well as homeowners consult and rely on feng shui to choose office locations, find or build a house that will generate good fortune and health.

As more westerners become familiar and interested in the Chinese arts and sciences, it's clear that feng shui is a practice that is now valued outside the Chinese community. Yet, despite its growing popularity, few people are aware of its traditional origins and the classical theories that is the foundation of this practice.

Learning Objectives

Today, as we become more aware of out intricate and close relationship with our ecology and environment, feng shui offers us a set of pragmatics that help us in selecting our homes, in developing environmentally sensitive land, in the planning of a harmonious neighborhood and in locating our business. Participants will learn that feng shui's understanding of the environment and its practice are consistent with our contemporary theories of urban design.

Feng shui works with nature to create harmony and balance in our home and workplace, it goes hand in hand with our current goal of sustainable and green living.

This course will focus on the basics of classical feng shui as it was practice in China and as it is now practiced in most oriental countries. It will introduce students to the fundamentals, principles and concepts of Traditional Feng Shui in relation to real estate to help them work with homebuyers and homeowners that are increasingly aware of the benefits of finding a home with the best feng shui in our changing marketplace.

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the basic terminologies, key concepts, and fundamentals of feng shui, and how they apply to real estate.
  • Learn how to analyze and identify properties with the best feng shui of existing and new developments.
  • Learn how to maximize a room's layout and the importance of furniture arrangement to create positive energy flow.
  • Have a framework on how to assess the external feng shui of a property or site, its surroundings, including landforms, buildings, natural and artificial features.
  • Have a framework on how to assess the interior feng shui environment of a house or building, the form and shape, its floor plan and its interior architectural features.
  • Have an understanding of why Chinese Astrology plays an important role in the practice of traditional feng shui.

Course date and time to be announced.


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