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Please note that cut off time to register for these seminars is two weeks before seminar date. Please register early.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at courses@cecconetpublishing.com.

All our seminars/courses are open to the public.

These Feng Shui Seminars are available for corporate offices, agency sponsors, and conferences. Please contact us for more information.

Feng Shui and Real Estate Sessions

We've developed a series of "Feng Shui and Real Estate" (FSRE) sessions to help you on your personal journey to a better understanding of this practice. These advance feng shui sessions are tailored to give you a deeper insight to the principles and complex systems of Traditional Feng Shui. Take this opportunity to gain more knowledge on how feng shui can assist you, your love ones, friends and clients.

Register for the following upcoming FSRE Sessions:

Feng Shui and Real Estate Session: Property Selection

Why is the age of the building an important element in the feng shui selection of a property? An introduction to the time factor and astrological component of feng shui, the importance of your birthday (natal chart) and Ming Kua. Find out why in a feng shui audit and consultation all these elements are important and taken into consideration when analyzing and selecting a property.

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Feng Shui and Real Estate Session: Elemental Remedies

What are the 5 elemental remedies? Introduction to the Annual Flying Stars, the Five (5) Elements, its cycle and application as remedies (cures) in feng shui. Learn how the changing energies of each year affect you and the energies in your home.

For details and dates click here.

Analyzing and Marketing Properties with Feng Shui

Course participants are introduced to the fundamentals, principles and concepts of Feng Shui to help them find the best house on the market by using Feng Shui in their choice of selection. A helpful Feng Shui Checklist to finding the ideal home is also included in the course workbook.

For details and dates click here.

Evaluating the Feng Shui of Properties

This course will focus on the basics of classical feng shui as it was practice in China and as it now practiced in most oriental countries. It will introduce students to the fundamentals, principles and concepts of Traditional Feng Shui in relation to real estate to help them work with homebuyers and homeowners that are increasingly aware of the benefits of finding a home with the best feng shui in our changing marketplace.

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Annual Feng Shui Seminars

Each year brings different challenges and opportunities, being aware of such possibilities can benefit and serve you better to making more informed choices and decisions.

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Essential Feng Shui Seminars

The following Essential Feng Shui seminars lets you in on the bigger picture of what Feng Shui is in today's world and how you can use this knowledge to improve your lives and that of others. We recommend that participants take all 3 seminars together to have a better understanding of how Feng Shui interacts with today's modern environment.

Early bird specials are available.

Essential Feng Shui: The Personalized Formulas

Empower Yourself! Get to know your inner personality. Using the ancient Chinese wisdom of Feng Shui, students will learn that their inner energies characterize by the animals of the Chinese horoscope affects how they perceive and act with their immediate surrondings. Feng Shui knowledge also helps you to understand how these qualities interact and relate to each other.

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Essential Feng Shui: Landscape and Location

This seminar takes a close looks at the landscape, location and exteriors of a property/home in the context of our modern environment. Why in Feng Shui, the exterior environment is considered more important that the interiors of a home or property. Using the classical Form School of Feng Shui students learn how to analyze sites and properties through photos and illustrations.

For details and dates click here.

Essential Feng Shui: Interior Layouts and Design

Participants learn how to look at the interiors of a home in the context of this dynamic practice. Class activities include opportunities to analyze rooms and layout, tips on what to look for and avoid in selecting and living in a home with the best Feng Shui. Learn the benefits of this ancient Chinese wisdom to create a healthier living environment for yourself and your family.

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Feng Shui Essentials for Property Buyers and Sellers

Give yourself that extra edge when you're out looking for your next home or finding out if you're living in your 'dream' home with a little help from Classical Feng Shui.

When choosing your home, you must evaluate the external as well as internal environment of a property. This seminar covers the Feng Shui essentials you need to know to give you that edge in your property selection, purchases and sales, whether it be for you, your family, friends or clients.

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