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Feng Shui Essentials for Property Buyers and Sellers

Give yourself that extra edge when you're out looking for your next home or finding out if you're living in your 'dream' home with a little help from Classical Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is all about harnessing the ‘Chi’ (energy) in our environment to help create a comfortable, harmonious home and work environment to help support your life’s goals. Learn how to select the right property with some useful Feng Shui applications.

When choosing your home, you must evaluate the external as well as internal environment of a property. This seminar covers the Feng Shui essentials you need to know to give you that edge in your property selection, purchases and sales, whether it be for you, your family, friends or clients.

Handouts & notes are included.

Part 1

  • Learn the essential Classical Feng Shui formulas all homebuyers need to know.
  • Learn how to take the directions of a property or house.
  • Identify the external good and bad areas/features of a property.
  • Learn practical remedies for some of the external challenges.

Part 2

  • Learn essential pointers on the 3 most important considerations in Feng Shui: Door, Bedroom, Stove
  • Find the best location for the major rooms (e.g. bedroom) in the house.
  • Identify the internal good and bad areas/features of a house.
  • Learn practical solutions to problem areas.

Course date and time to be announced.


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