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Annual Feng Shui Seminar

Each year brings different challenges and opportunities, being aware of such possibilities can benefit and serve you better to making more informed choices and decisions.

Improve your situation or fortunes with help from feng shui - Earth Luck

A person's luck is divided into the Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck; the combination and influence of these three luck forms and shapes one's life. The positive natural energy around you can help with your own natal chart. Awareness is the key. The ability to find, harness and activate these energies can help your chances of achieving your goals and finding success. Energy changes with the alignment of the stars and planets; learn this year's favourable sectors and avoid the negative energies of annual afflictions in your home and office.

Learn about the year's Feng Shui Flying Stars and its auspicious and inauspicious sectors, tips and techniques that can be immediately applied to your home and workplace. Bring a floor plan of your home for your own personal reference.

Please Note:

  1. Seating arrangement is based on first come first served basis
  2. We reserve the right to cancel/change above event and schedule without prior notice.
  3. Agenda is subject to change without prior notification from the organizer.

Terms & Conditions

Before the Event

  1. Ticket purchases are final and valid for only the designated event. Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to another person.
  2. A nominal fee is charged for lost ticket replacement. Please keep your ticket and transaction record in a safe place, as no receipt will be issued unless requested.
  3. Tickets will be emailed to you once payment is received and verified. Ticket is valid for one person and has to be presented at the door for admission. (Please print this e-Ticket on A4 size paper)
  4. Please bring your home's floor plan for your own personal reference at the event.

During the Event

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