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2018 Annual Feng Shui Online Seminar Year of the Earth Dog

Are you and your home ready for 2018?  Would you like to know the good and bad sectors in your property for the year and how to prepare for it?

Every year the annual stars change their direction and flies into a different location of your house bringing with it the energy of that particular star.  These stars whether they bring auspicious or inauspicious energies, have the ability to affect you, your health, wealth, relationship, education and your overall well-being.

Flying Star (Xuan Kong) Feng Shui is a powerful form of Classical Feng Shui that is used by professional practitioners.  Annual and monthly Flying Star charts can greatly assist in the planning of major activities such as weddings, surgeries or moving house.  

Find your animal sign using Chinese astrology; learn the difference between facing and sitting direction of a property; and how to take the compass directions of your home.

Our 2018 Annual Feng Shui Online Seminar includes basic information on the Flying Stars and its energies in 2018, practical tips, resource tables and charts; and includes a useful PDF calendar workbook that you can print out to help you plan your important personal and business activities for the year. 

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2018 Calender Guide

Our 2018 Calendar Guide is available as a digital download (.pdf) for $12 USD. Find out more here.

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Watch a Short Video of our 2018 Annual Feng Shui Calendar Guide Go to Blog.

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